A good salesperson or adviser needs three things: knowledge, skills and the right attitude. Our SalesRESPECT® method allows you to train the right mindset and polish your sales skills. You will enrich your knowledge about the client and achieve maximum results. SalesRESPECT® is a conversational method that not only introduces structure to a sales talk but also allows salespersons to learn how they can sell added value to their clients. Our method focuses not on the product but on the client’s (in)visible problems and challenges.
Result & Rapport
In sales it is all about achieving results. What influence do you have on that? How do you take 100% responsibility for that? In achieving results, a connection with the client is crucial. We call that ‘having rapport’. What is rapport? And how do you create and influence it?
Explore business window
You can only sell solutions if you know the client’s business really well. Together with the client, you can assess the business window and discover where value could possibly be added.
Situation analysis
It is very important that the client’s current situation be understood thoroughly and that you know which processes are crucial in the framework of your product or service. On the basis of in-depth questions, you learn (even better!) how to identify the client’s current situation.
Problem analysis
Which problem will you solve for your client? Can you discover all visible and invisible problems that could be relevant for your client? Find out how you can be of even more assistance. Learn to ask the right questions to obtain all information.
Effect analysis
At times, you can see more than the client does and you know how to improve things. Simply trying to convince a client about your ideas doesn’t work. Learn how you can enable the client to profit from an optimum impact analysis.
Consequence analysis
Effects have consequences. The more insight you have in the problems of your client, the better you can convey the effects and consequences to your client. This will increase the desire to come up with a solution.
The added value question
It is not you but the client who determines whether your solution has added value. You can, however, help the client create this insight. In this phase, you learn to ask The added value question.

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