Continuity with uncertainty

Interim (sales) management

The organisation is growing quickly, fundamental changes are looming, there is a need for increasing knowledge or for a long-term replacement of an absent person. In situations like these, continuity within the organisation is of the essence. Particularly in those fields where there is contact with the client, such as sales and/or customer service. SalesRESPECT® offers extra temporary capacity by means of interim management.

Temporarily more power

SalesRESPECT® temporarily replaces sales professionals in management positions, manages teams and implements change processes and/or improvement plans. No situation is the same, which means that our approach is always customised. Together we determine what is necessary by listening to what is said – and what is not said. Our experience with a variety of contracts and clients enables us to familiarise ourselves with the business quickly, formulate goals and achieve results. Our managers have the ability to switch between different business tiers, have a sense for (unwritten) rules and relationships, clear communication, objective problem analysis and, above all, discretion.

Sales consulting

Are you looking for a strategic adviser in the area of sales? Check out our possibilities on the Consultancy page.


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