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SalesRESPECT® uses the DISC analysis, the ACT® measurement and the SalesStep assessment tool to acquire insight into the sales qualities of and opportunities for development for yourself or someone from your sales team. Read more about these assessments and their application or contact SalesRESPECT® for more information!

SalesStep assessment

An organisation must always search for the right combination of people in the sales team. It is important for the quality of the entire team to be aware of the specific sales qualities of each person in that team. SalesStep provides this insight.

The SalesStep assessment tool is specifically aimed at the sales profession. It provides insight into more than 20 competences of both the entire sales team and each individual person within that team. This online assessment tool also maps development points and mindset. With the aid of a clear dashboard, it is possible to map the development potential of both individual sales employees and the team as a whole. In this way, an organisation acquires a clearer view of which skills require attention and how a team can become more balanced. If there is an opening, SalesStep provides a very clear picture of the profile required.

Scores are explained in the dashboard on the basis of three dimensions: the sales drives (motivation), the sales attitudes and the sales skills. A report is drawn up of the results as well.

DISC Analysis

In sales it is all about mindset, skills and behaviour. The DISC analysis provides an analysis of a person’s own behaviour, an important condition for achieving goals. It is not a test – there are no wrong or right answers. The analysis identifies preferential behaviour and communication in different environments and provides insight into the observable behaviour of others. The results of the DISC analysis lay down an important basis for personal development, leadership development and the optimum performance of teams. It helps improve communication, appreciate the behaviour of others, win trust and influences others positively. The DISC Personality analysis was developed at the end of the 1920s. It is a high quality and accurate psychometric behavioural instrument with a reliability score of approximately 90%.

ACT® measurement

The ACT® measurement is a unique instrument, capable of sketching a personal profile within a short time (12 minutes). It is used to measure the individual well-being and personal growth of employees within an organisation, but can also be used as a solid foundation in the recruitment process. ACT distinguishes itself from traditional methods of measurement by going beyond the registration of visible behaviour and cognitive thought. It reaches the unconscious, which controls human behaviour unnoticeably. The ACT measurement does this by using not only words but also using extensively tested and substantiated images. The unique nature of the measurement lies hidden in the combination of words and images.

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