A different approach to sales recruitment.

Sales recruitment

SalesRESPECT® provides in-company sales training courses. Often, a need for training arises due to a change in the composition of the team. New and established employees must speak the same sales language. However, the phase prior to the training, in which the right sales staff is sought, is much more crucial to the operation of the sales team. Finding the right staff is a challenge that should not be underestimated. Many companies will identify with the long, labour-intensive recruitment process, often with sub-optimum results. The mutual expectations may often differ and candidates may turn out not to be the right match. And then the same process starts all over again. SalesRESPECT®, together with its sister company SalesSCOUTS, has developed a unique recruitment method that provides a completely different perspective on sales recruitment.

Onboarding with SalesSCOUTS

Using a unique recruitment method, SalesSCOUTS supports organisations in finding exceptional sales talent. It has a very thorough and personal recruitment and selection process, supported by artificial intelligence technology. Upon deployment, a candidate can follow SalesRESPECT® training courses so that he/she is fully prepared for the new working environment. This ‘onboarding’ principle ensures an optimum probability of success of candidates.

Time for a different approach to sales recruitment?

SalesSCOUTS examines the person behind the candidate. Who really fits in with the company, the objectives and the colleagues? For more information about our recruitment method, go to www.sales-scouts.nl or contact us.


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